Funeral Home and Cremations in Buckland, OH: Who Should You Call?

The quality of your funeral home will have an impact on the quality of the event that is planned. It can be frustrating to work with a funeral home that is just moving through the motions without paying attention to the details of the day. Instead of settling for subpar service, you must select the best funeral home in Buckland, OH.

Keep in mind that the funeral is a final goodbye. It is an opportunity to show that you care when you are memorializing your loved one. You need to consider the wishes of the deceased and ensure that the day is designed to match their preferences.

At Eley Funeral Home & Crematory, we understand the importance of planning the perfect funeral or cremation. Our team is here to offer the support that you need for every aspect of funeral planning. Whether you are looking for basic cremation services or a full-support funeral, then we are here to assist.

Why Call Eley Funeral Home & Crematory?

What makes our funeral home unique compared to other companies in the area? You can find other services that claim to provide the best solutions for funeral planning. But, reputation is essential if you want to ensure a beautiful day. You only have one chance to create the perfect funeral, which is why you need to choose a funeral home that you can trust.

As one of the primary destinations for reputable funeral service in Buckland, we at Eley Funeral Home & Crematory have been serving residents in the area for many years. Our team understands the best solutions to plan the day and take care of the paperwork. When you choose our team, you can rest assured to know that we always provide custom funeral and cremation services as required.

Not only are we happy to customize the funeral services, but we pay close attention to the details that you request. We know that these small details will create a memorable event. So, we strive to understand everything that is requested to ensure that the plan matches the needs of your family. We are proud to offer custom funeral services for every family that contacts our funeral home.

What is a Funeral?

Funerals are meant as social events designed to create bonds between people who share similar beliefs or values but also sometimes can be used to help mourners process grief over someone’s death. The death of a loved one is always difficult and often calls for a ceremony. Funerals are structured ceremonies with beginnings, middles, and ends which each have the intent to help mourners cope with their loss in different ways.

Anthropologists have studied how funerals can be considered rites of passage, affecting everyone involved. The social status changes in a way that is dramatic for the deceased and those who knew them well before they passed on. The grief that can come with the loss of a loved one is violently powerful, and it does not discriminate. The funeral service marks this transition in its uniquely identifiable way, but how each member of the bereaved family reacts to their new life after such an event varies from person to person. Some members or survivors' siblings may step up as caregivers for aging parents while others might find themselves lost without a sense of purpose because they are no longer grieving together every day for someone who has always been there before them; all just trying to make sense out of what happened.

Traditional funeral services include:


A visitation is a time when the family and friends of a deceased person come to say their final goodbyes. They can talk with each other, share memories about the loved one who has passed away or just simply be together in this difficult time. Viewing takes place where they show off that person's casketed body for all visitors to see before we bury them 6 feet underground so there are no more tears shed from anyone else.

Wake usually occurs any time before an actual funeral service but it doesn't have any real significance since you're still waiting until after death does its job if you want your last visitations done at night during séances which will make sure everyone knows how much they were cherished by those around them

Funeral Service

Funerals can take place anywhere from funeral homes or churches but most commonly occur outdoors where people gather around gravesides during burial services that include music, readings by family members or friends who knew the deceased best followed by prayer before lowering them into their final resting place. The ceremonies are often a mix of religious and secular traditions, with all the necessary rites being completed. You will hear eulogies about how good the person was in life as well as prayers for their soul to be at peace.

Committal Service

People who are planning a burial service often neglect to think about the process that will take place at the cemetery. This includes everything from coordinating transportation, deciding where to bury or scatter remains after they've been cremated, and choosing what music should be played during this time of mourning. In the final stage of funeral services, a procession will carry the casket from their place of rest to be buried outside. The family and friends gather around at this time for one last goodbye before they watch as it is placed inside its gravesite in hopes that it finds peace with eternity.

Why Have a Funeral?

A funeral is a ceremony in which people that have died are remembered and honored by the living. People often choose to hold funerals for their loved ones because it can be comforting for them to say goodbye, remember, and honor their loved one. Funerals can also bring families closer together and help the grieving process of those who are left behind. They allow for the closure of a person's life and provide a final goodbye to friends and family members.

Funerals may include memorial services or wake where friends and family come together to mourn at the person's funeral service location; they may also include religious ceremonies such as baptisms or other rites like weddings, confirmations, or ordinations. People must understand the significance of funerals so they know how to properly act during them and so that they know when someone has died without having been told beforehand.

What Services Does A Buckland Funeral Home Offer?

Funeral Services

Funeral services offer your loved ones closure as they remember what made their friend or family member so special in this world. If there is any comfort that can be found during such difficult times it comes from being surrounded by those we care about on our darkest days - funerals give us that opportunity every single time!  The funeral is a time for us to come together, take care of each other, and grieve. Together we share memories, express our emotions in comfort with one another through support.

Whether we gather around food or sit solemnly before urns containing ashes of our departed family members-the need for acknowledgment and support when experiencing loss is ever-present. There are many ways you can express your genuine individuality through funeral services: whether formal service involving large celebrations like weddings but instead mourning lost love one's life where they may even match what their deceased relative would've wanted best themselves

Burial Services

Burials are the most popular funeral option in America. The casket is often present and we can follow tradition by having a viewing before the ceremony, or have it at home to be more relaxed. There are many ways you can honor your loved one, whether it be with traditional funeral services or more relaxed celebrations in their hometown.

We’re here to help you decide how best to honor your loved one with the process of burial. We can listen and share our experience, or we are happy to let you make all decisions on what will happen at their funeral service.

Cremation Services

Cremation offers many opportunities to honor the life of a loved one. For example, you may choose an urn in remembrance or arrange for ashes to be scattered on the family property as part of your memorial service. What's important is that there are no limitations on how you can pay tribute to someone who has passed away with cremation services available at our funeral home!

After choosing cremation, you are still able to commemorate the life of your loved one in many ways. You can have a memorial service or funeral and remember them with friends and family members. Celebrate their memory by writing out memories each time they crossed paths with someone special in your life; this way you'll never forget what an impactful person he was for so many people around him!

Everything from Traditional to Modern

At Eley Funeral Home & Crematory, we have plenty of experience with traditional funeral services. We can support your desire to have a solemn funeral or memorial in a church or our funeral home locations. We are also here to help with the coordination of the transportation to the cemetery as well as the graveside service. Traditional funeral services can be designed in any way that matches the requests of your family.

On the other hand, we are also here to support your requests if you prefer a non-traditional cremation or funeral. Why stick with tradition if the person had a forward-looking attitude in life? Modern funeral services can include anything that you desire: a Celebration of Life, scattering the ashes, a backyard gathering, and more. You pick the details, and our team will work through the logistics to create a perfect event.

Cremations are often chosen for modern funeral services because families want flexibility with the final resting place. At the same time, cremation can also be incorporated into a traditional funeral plan if that is a better fit for your family. We encourage you to consider all options when you are choosing the funeral services for your loved one.

Where is the Funeral Home Located?

Convenience is an important factor that needs to be considered when you are choosing a funeral home. It is best to select a location that is near your family home so that you can reduce the amount of time that is spent in the car. At Eley Funeral Home & Crematory, we provide two locations to ensure the convenience of your family. You are welcome to visit both of our funeral homes in Wapakoneta and Waynesfield.

In addition to the funeral home locations that are offered, you might also consider alternative options to hold a funeral in a church or meetinghouse. You need to think about the size of the group that will be in attendance. Also, consider any religious preferences that should be accommodated for the request. Our team is here to support an event held in one of our funeral homes. Or, we can offer the staffing that is needed for another location.

As you are planning a funeral in Buckland, OH, the first step is to call us at Eley Funeral Home & Crematory. Our funeral homes are located in the area: 1102 Lincoln Ave, Wapakoneta, OH 45895 or 200 E Wapakoneta St, Waynesfield, OH 45896. Call if you need to schedule a funeral right away, or if you need more information about pre-planning services: (419) 738-7676

Frequently Asked Question

What is a pre-arranged funeral? 

A pre-arranged, pre-planned or prepaid funeral plan is an arrangement between the funeral home to make plans ahead of time when death occurs to an individual or a family member. The funeral director layouts services related to funeral services before the client’s death.

How do pre-arranged funerals work? 

A pre-planned funeral plan is a set of funeral arrangements made directly between an individual and a specific funeral home. Plans typically range from $10,000 - $25,000 and are paid in monthly installments directly to the funeral home of your choice.

Why pre-plan your funeral? 

Availing pre-planned funeral plans can be advantageous for families to pay for final arrangements bit by bit. Depending on the plan, you can take advantage of today’s prices and some unique package inclusions that suit your budget.

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