Cremations and Funeral Home Services for Families in New Hampshire, OH

One phone call can give you access to the full-service funeral details that are needed when you are planning an event for a loved one. If you need to schedule a funeral in New Hampshire, OH, then it is important that you enlist the help of an experienced funeral home. You are welcome to talk to our team to learn more about the wide range of funeral services that we offer.

At Eley Funeral Home & Crematory, we have been serving residents in the area for many years. We understand the preferences of the community and the services that are available. So, our team is happy to make recommendations that fit your preferences. We know that every person is unique, which is why it is best to schedule personalized funeral services.

It doesn’t matter if you are planning a basic funeral or you want a unique memorial, we are here to assist. Our team offers all of the services that are needed, including the paperwork and medical requirements that are essential behind the scenes. You can focus on the requirements of your family and rest assured to know that we are handling all of the details.

Cremation: A Good Choice for Your Loved One?

If the deceased didn’t leave any requests, then you need to choose the way the body will be laid to rest. Do you have a burial plot for the family in a local cemetery? The casket can be laid to rest with the body inside. Or, you might choose to buy cremated ashes if preferred.

Cremation gives you other options for the funeral resting place. If you decide on cremation, then you might choose to keep the ashes at home in an urn. Or, you can pick a location where the ashes should be scattered.

One of the biggest benefits of cremation is the money that can be saved with this service. Most families find that the costs are reduced by thousands of dollars when cremation is selected instead of a casket, viewing, and funeral.

But, just because you can save money, doesn’t mean that cremation is the right choice. Instead, you need to think about your family traditions and the requests of the deceased. Also, consider the preferences of the surviving family members. There are many opinions to take into consideration during this time. So, you should lean on the experience of our funeral home as you are comparing your options.

Convenience with Funeral Planning

At Eley Funeral Home & Crematory, we want to ensure convenience during every step of your funeral plan. If you are working on the details for a local funeral or memorial, then it is convenient to use the services of a funeral home in the area. Our proximity to your home will reduce the time that you need to drive to access the funeral home. At the same time, you can rest assured to know that our team is familiar with the area.

Additionally, convenience is found in the support that comes from a full-service funeral home. You don’t need to work through the logistics of the event. Instead, you need to talk to our team to lean on the expertise that we provide. We will ask questions during every step of the planning process, to ensure that we are matching your desires. Then, we will arrange the details to create the perfect event for your family.

Prepare for the Future with Pre-Planning

Do you anticipate a funeral in the future? Death is unavoidable, which is why many people choose to implement a funeral plan while they are alive. Pre-planning services offer an effective way to ensure the event matches your preferences.

Some people choose pre-planning when they know that they are nearing the end of their life. Other people select pre-planning just for the peace of mind to know that the arrangements are ready in case an unexpected funeral is needed.

We offer an online system that can be used to guide you through the pre-planning details that should be addressed. You can call our office as well if you would like additional information. One of the best solutions is to fill out the basic information online. Then, schedule a time to talk to us so that we can guide you through the gaps that need to be filled in your funeral plan.

Fast, Caring Funeral Services

If you live in New Hampshire, OH, then you can rest assured when you have Eley Funeral Home & Crematory helping with the event. We are experienced in the funeral and cremation industry, offering the best results for your family. We work tirelessly to provide an excellent experience for everyone in attendance.

For more information about funerals and cremations, you can visit one of our locations. We have two funeral homes: 200 E Wapakoneta St, Waynesfield, OH 45896 or 1102 Lincoln Ave, Wapakoneta, OH 45895. Call to learn about the services that we provide: (419) 738-7676

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